Sep 25, 2013

The best Android browser is... Opera!

I have tested the most popular web browsers on Android Jelly Bean: Stock Android Browser, Google Chrome 29, Opera 16, Opera Mobile Classic 12.1, Mozilla Firefox 24 and Dolphin Browser 10 with Jetpack. While Opera and Opera Classic have an Off-road or Turbo mode, which speeds up loading websites, it was disabled for this test. Here is the comparison table, two best results are green:

BrowserBrowsermarkOctane BenchmarkHTML5 TestCSS3 Test
Stock Browser21321175327 + 1445
Chrome22401951429 + 1160
Opera26502089443 + 1162
Opera Classic1740571406 + 1252
Firefox20712253426 + 1058
Dolphin20081544471 + 357

The best Android web browser, in terms of performance and compliance to web standards, is the new Opera! However, Dolphin has the best support for HTML5 and Chrome with Firefox are almost as fast as Opera.


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  2. Liked the result, with all the statistics. I use Opera as well as Dolphin. Visit For Android Browser Reviews.

  3. UC Browser is by far the most complete Browser, compares to all of that list.
    The name might not ring any bells but its actually as popular as firefox and opera and it has way more feautures, is more refined and has the best vídeo support and flash support of any other Browser in the market.
    You should definantly consider it next.

  4. Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router, meaning that it routes your internet traffic through a worldwide series of nodes and relays (other computers connected to the network). The Tor Browser is a modified version of Firefox, optimized for anonymity and security.