Sep 9, 2012

Baidu Browser featuring T5 Engine is a king of HTML5

Chinese company Baidu has launched a new web browser for Android, called Baidu Browser (or Explorer). It claims to be 20% faster than others thanks to the new T5 Engine. I didn't believe it, so I downloaded and tested it on my Android 2.3.

The home page is clean, but in Chinese. The default search engine is of course Baidu. There is a voice search as well. The user agent contains FlyFlow/2.2, which is a codename of Baidu Browser.

T5 Engine is indeed a king of HTML5, it scores 467 points and 8 bonus points out of 500 in the HTML5 Test - far more than current mobile and desktop browsers!

As to performance of Baidu Browser (right), it's beats Dolphin Browser (left) in BrowserMark by 19950 to 22322 points, which is 11%!

As you can see, Chinese can develop very good and standard-complaint browsers! Download Baidu Browser for Android 2.2+ or Windows Phone 7+.


  1. I love this brower...

  2. Eh.,. It's another browser...
    More important is the amount of memory U have available and opon to the OS but hey...
    And the features on this particular browser are lacking...
    But it's not too terrible..

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